You Can Protect Your Home from Damp

No matter how well your home was built, it is still susceptible to damage from damp and rot. This does not have anything to do with the structure and stability of your home, but rather the environment and area in which you live. While you can’t do anything to change the weather in Dudley, you [...]

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How to Protect Your Property from Wood Rot and Fungal Growth

Wood rot, fungal growth, and moisture issues can quickly become serious problems. If these issues are left untreated, the problem may spread throughout your property. You may even experience structural damage. Wood rot and fungal growth are often caused by excessive moisture, rising damp, or penetrating damp. The sooner you find and address the problem [...]

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A Quick Guide to Woodworm

If you’ve noticed holes in your timbers or woodwork, it could be an indication that you have woodworm. Dealing with a suspected woodworm infestation can be complicated which is why it is always recommended to source a woodworm specialist to treat the issue. It can be difficult to determine whether the infestation is still [...]

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