Four Conversion Ideas for Your Basement

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement in your home then you’ll know the amount of extra space it can provide, but perhaps you’re thinking your basement has some untapped potential that you haven’t explored yet. A basement conversion can add a lot of value to your house, not to mention the many benefits of the space itself. If you’re thinking now’s the time to make the best of your basement, read on for four of our favourite ideas for a basement conversion.

Home office

Even if you don’t work from home full time, it’s still invaluable to have somewhere peaceful and quiet to work, away from the distraction of the main house. Plus, if you do work from home then it’s important to have a separate area of the house so you can make a division between work hours and relaxing at home. It’s important to create a calm environment where you won’t be distracted; add some windows for natural light if you can and plants, which have been proven to boost productivity.


A home cinema isn’t just exclusive to the rich and famous, and a basement is the perfect space due to the natural darkness below ground. You don’t need to shell out lots of money for a proper cinema style screen either, it’s just as effective to use a projector and pull down screen which costs a fraction of the price. For seating you can go all out and purchase reclining home cinema chairs, or create a relaxed, playful feel with beanbags and large cushions.

Games room

A games room is great fun whatever your age, and it can be adapted to suit any hobby. They can be pricey, but members of the public can purchase retro arcade games if you want a truly authentic experience, or go for an old school pub feel with a dart board and pool table. You could even create a dedicated board game area for when family and friends come round, but whatever the game it’s worth soundproofing your basement to avoid disturbing others and enhance the gaming experience too.


A basement library makes the perfect cosy place to curl up on a cold or rainy day, and it’s a relatively easy job compared to some conversions. All you really need are enough shelves and bookcases, some armchairs and some warm lighting or retro table lamps. All basements need to be fully insulated, but it’s vital if you’re storing a lot of books down there to protect them from damp and mould.

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