Professionally Treating Wood Rot

Wood rot is a term used to describe the decay of wood and timber and can take several forms, all of which are damaging if not treated promptly. Furthermore, both new and old timber found in UK properties is susceptible to wood rot if exposed to the conditions which cause these timber diseases to form. Wood rot can render timber damaged beyond repair and can necessitate extensive remedial work if the problem has been allowed to spread. If you suspect that you might be suffering from wood and timber decay in Dudley, call us today so that we can provide you with a solution to eradicate your properties fungal infection.

Causes & Types of Wood Rot

Dampness, along with a lack of ventilation, provides the perfect conditions for fungal attack on timber to take place. The fungus, once established, breaks down the cell structure of the affected timbers causing potentially widespread and extensive damage if left untreated.
Dry rot & wet rot are two very similar wood rot problems. They begin in very much the same way but differ as they develop. A wet rot fungal infection to timber will usually remain localized to the source of moisture and damp whereas a fungal infection of dry rot – the more serious of the two will rapidly spread throughout the property climbing from timber to timber and even along brickwork. Both problems can cause huge amounts of damage, especially in structural timbers. Mercian Preservation offers a dry rot & wet rot eradication service which eliminates problem and allows our customers their peace of mind.

Providing Effective Wood Rot Diagnosis and Control

Damp conditions are the perfect breeding ground for wood rot to take hold and spread. Wet rot usually remains localised to the area which is damp, causing the formation of a fungus which breaks down the organic cells present within wood. You will find that this process continues until the timber has been consumed entirely and is no longer able to perform its role. Dry rot is usually more serious and has the capability to spread from surface to surface, consuming sections of timber which weren’t initially infected and are quite a distance away from the original source of the damp problem. Each type of rot can cause significant amounts of structural damage which is why it so important to commence remedial action as soon as possible.

Mercian Preservation: Experts in Wood Rot Treatment in Dudley

Our team can provide a timber rot remediation service which will resolve all instances of fungal timber decay in Dudley. Whether your wood rot outbreak is within your roof space or underneath your floor boards, we will diagnose the root cause through the completion of a comprehensive survey before providing you with options for remediation. Solve your wood rot problems permanently by contacting us today to speak to a member of our team. We are available by phone and by email where you can share any photos that you have taken of the issues you face which will help us identify the problem before we attend your property.

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