Providing Long Lasting Woodworm Treatment

 Timber is a building material that is commonly used within the UK, making the ideal material in the construction of pitched roofs and floor boards. Timber is also organic which means that it is susceptible to a variety of wood related diseases that could negatively impact upon the health and integrity of your property. This is something to be avoided at all costs obviously so if you do suspect you may have a problem that is affecting your property, we’d advise you to contact our Dudley timber preservation team as soon as possible. If we can identify and address the issue in the early stages of its manifestation, the better the chance of remedying it before it becomes a bigger, potentially very expensive issue.

A variety of insects feed on timber which is why it is so important to seek treatment if you have detected their presence within your property. We specialise in pest control such as common furniture beetle removal in Dudley which will preserve your timber structures and ensure that your property isn’t compromised. If you’re suffering from the presence of woodworm, contact us today so that we can remove these harmful pests from your property. You can rest assured that we will remove the infestation using tried and tested treatments that comply with the latest pest control legislation. If you are not 100% sure if it is woodworm that is causing the damage you can upload a photo of the infestation for us to provide an accurate diagnosis. This is also very useful information for us as it means we know exactly what we’re dealing with before we visit your property and can equip our Dudley woodworm treatment team with exactly the right kit before they visit you.

Our Remedial Services

If your property has moisture and untreated timber, we can help you to pre-empt the problems before they can occur. In case they do happen, we can fix them. We provide the following remedial treatments:

Effective Dry Rot Treatment

Timber rafters and joists can also suffer from the presence of dry rot which is caused by exposure to damp conditions. These conditions are the perfect breeding ground for fungal bacteria which can over a period of time adversely affect the integrity and condition of the timber within your property. Effective condensation control in Dudley is the preferred solution for dry rot which will improve the internal atmospheric conditions within the susceptible areas of your home such as your roof space and underneath your floors. Once under control, the application of a wood preservative in Dudley will ensure that your timber and woodwork stays rot free.

Vast Experience & Expertise

We are chartered building surveyors with an experience of 40 years in the industry. We set the benchmark for surveying expertise, quality of work and customer service. We pride ourselves on our commitment to offering such a high level of professionalism whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

Mercian Preservation: Specialists in the Preservation of Timber in Dudley

The presence of a basement within your property is a common source of damp related issues which is why we recommend a basement conversion in Dudley which will transform it into usable living space. Through the addition of basement waterproofing in Dudley, this once redundant space will become damp and mould free, no longer acting as the weak point in your properties defence against water ingress. Call us today to arrange your property survey to diagnose the cause of the damp issues you are experiencing. We are able to perform all aspects of moisture control and timber decay treatment and can help you return your property to the condition it should be in.

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