To get rid of a moisture problem in your home, you have to find out what is causing the issue. That is why you need to contact a company that handles damp issues and knows how to treat these kinds of problems.


Rising Damp: How It Can Happen

One of the most common types of moisture problems involves rising damp or penetrating damp. Rising damp is more prevalent. When this type of moisture problem happens, it can result from a number of circumstances. For example, damp proofing is often needed when a damp proof course has never been applied during construction. In turn, the homeowner may experience evidence of water damage at the top of the walls or the ceiling. Condensation often forms behind the furnishings.


Reasons for Damp Issues

Sometimes a damp specialist will find that a current damp course is no longer helpful, as it has broken down because of a poor application or age. In addition, a damp treatment may need to be applied if a home was re-plastered improperly.


Getting Rid of a Rising Damp Issue

Damp contractors add that damp remediation is often needed when the ground outside a home is higher than the ground inside a property. Regardless of the reason, damp experts can take care of a problem with rising damp as soon as it is diagnosed.


Penetrating Damp: Why It Occurs

You just have to find out whether the problem is rising damp or penetrating damp. Penetrating damp occurs when gutters leak or the roof is defective. It can also emerge when the seals to doors or windows are flawed. By contrast, rising damp happens when moisture from ground level rises up a wall.


Surveying a Damp Issue

If you do not choose damp companies that are well experienced in treating a rising damp or penetrating damp problem, you can receive the wrong treatment course. That is why you need to depend on a business that offers survey services that can diagnose a damp issue correctly.


Eradicating the Problem

Surveyors should perform checks that determine whether a damp issue is rising or penetrating in nature. That way, the right repairs will be made to stop a moisture problem. Once a diagnosis is made, the necessary treatments are recommended and applied. Some of these treatments may include the installation of damp proofing membranes or the application of plaster additives. Fungicides may be added to reduce any issues with wet rot or dry rot in the walls.


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