Remediating Wet Rot

Wet rot, an unpleasant fungal infection, can be a big problem for homes and commercial buildings in the UK – especially those which have been built with timber elements and have suffered the presence of damp. From roof rafters to floorboards, timber is the prime target for wet rot fungus. Unfortunately, once it has been infected by damp rot, the infection spreads and the structural integrity of the wood begins to weaken. If you’ve spotted signs that your home or commercial property has been infested by wet rot, it’s imperative to take action immediately. Otherwise, the infection is likely to continue spreading and cause more damage to your property and the belongings within it. For expert advice on how to deal with the problem, give us at Mercian Preservation, damp rot specialists based in Dudley, a call. We’ll not only assess the problem but supply you with the wet rot treatment you need to protect your property.

Timber Decay Resulting from Wet Rot

Fungal timber decay by wet rot can occur when timber is in damp situations, especially in poorly ventilated areas such as sub floors. Dampness from plumbing leaks, defective gutters, rising dampness or high ground levels etc. can create the conditions for decay to establish and wood rotting fungi to develop.

Diagnosing Timber Decay and Wet Rot

Damp and poor ventilation are usually present in enclosed spaces such as roof voids, basements and underneath your floor boards, making these areas especially susceptible to wet rot. It is for this reason that effective ventilation is so important throughout your property, whether natural or mechanical. Water leaks through the structure of your roof and from pipework can also be the cause of damp conditions which is why we always recommend a survey to identify the root cause. Once we have found the source of your wet rot fungus in Dudley, we will remove all of the affected timber before replacing it with new pressure treated boards and administer fungicidal formulas to prevent further outbreaks.

Wet Rot Treatment

The treatment of a wet rot problem will begin by our surveyors locating the source of the growth. The first measures taken will be to eliminate any possible water and moisture ingress to the property and also to improve ventilation of affected areas. Any damaged timbers will be removed by our technicians and replaced with new pressure treated timbers. Once this work has been completed, all affected areas and potentially affected areas will undergo treatment with chemical preservatives and fungicidal formulas, to protect the timbers from further attack.

Mercian Preservation: Specialists in Wet Rot Treatment in Dudley

We approach every instance of wet rot holistically, taking into account the type of property you own as well as its age in addition to any other important variables present. Once we have gathered our findings, we will work with you to improve your properties ventilation in addition to treating and replacing any affected timber. Rid your property of wet rot by contacting us today either by telephone or by email. We will arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your property and diagnose the root cause of your damp rot in Dudley, before then suggesting the remedial action that will remove the fungal outbreak and return your property to its former condition.

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