Causes of Dry Rot

Fungal decay of timber by dry rot can occur when the timber is in prolonged contact with damp situations, especially in poorly ventilated areas such as sub floors. The fungal growth from dry rot may be in the form of white strands, sheet mycelium and fruiting bodies. The white strands are able to penetrate through brickwork and mortar joints and can transport moisture to dry, poorly ventilated areas, allowing the spread of the fungus.

Dry Rot Treatment

By using an independent specialist damp and timber decay company like Mercian Preservation, you will have the added assurance that any specialist dry rot work will not only be carried out correctly but will benefit from a long term guarantee.
It is essential that the correct identification of fungal decay and ultimately the dry rot treatment is undertaken as soon as the problem is correctly identified. Here at Mercian Preservation we have an array of treatments to effectively treat and remove dry rot carried out by our expert surveyors trained in all aspects of the same.

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