If you’ve noticed holes in your timbers or woodwork, it could be an indication that you have woodworm. Dealing with a suspected woodworm infestation can be complicated which is why it is always recommended to source a woodworm specialist to treat the issue. It can be difficult to determine whether the infestation is still active, which species of woodworm is present and the suitable treatment.
Despite the name, it is actually the larvae of different species of wood-boring beetles that cause the holes. Below we break down just three different types of beetles that cause woodworm.

Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum)

This is the most common type of woodworm beetle. They are brown and measure from 2.7-4.5mm in length. This species of beetle attacks softwood timber, leaving 1-2mm holes. Generally, it prefers damp wood rather than dry. Common furniture beetles can cause severe structural issues within a property if not treated and eradicated.

Deathwatch Beetle

The deathwatch beetle is a native to Britain and primarily attacks hardwoods such as ash or oak which have been softened and dampened by fungal decay. They are most commonly found in historic buildings which have been exposed to decay for a long time. The deathwatch beetle can cause structural issues within a property, leading to the hollowing and weakening of timbers.

House Longhorn Beetle

The house longhorn beetle is primarily found in the South East of the UK, originating in Europe. It principally feeds on softwood roofing timbers, however, most of the decay is caused by the larvae of the beetle. If you see exit holes (which are caused by adult beetles) in timbers, this is an indication of damage within the timber and therefore potential structural damage to the property.

When it comes to treating woodworm, we always recommend seeking a specialist to help. A woodworm infestation can cause health risks and should be treated as soon as possible to avoid structural damage to a property. Opting to use a professional will guarantee reassurance and long-term protection against woodworm. A woodworm specialist will know exactly what treatment to use depending on the type of woodworm and will use professional and safe products to eradicate the issue.

Mercian Preservation: your choice for woodworm treatment in Dudley

At Mercian Preservation our specialist team can help you tackle woodworm infestation. Our specialist team will carry out a site survey, identify the species of woodworm in your timbers and carry out the suitable treatment to eradicate the issue. We have years of experience in tackling timber problems and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. For more information, visit our website